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Hello! We are the Eichorn family, Peter, Janie, Ben and Lizzy. Our homestead farm is nestled in the mountains of Big Sur, California where we have been growing delicious organic fruit, vegetables and raising honey bees since 1983.

Our property is called “Country Flat” but it is not really flat at all. When Peter was first inquiring about the property in the early 1980's he asked the previous owner if there was enough flat space to grow a garden or build a house. The man chuckled, took a moment, and said, "well, it's country flat." Peter was intrigued and had to go see for himself. The property was covered in poison oak but underneath the thicket, he dug his hands into deep, dark soil. The rest is history.


Our honey is 100% raw and unfiltered. Our bees are never treated with toxic chemicals and are not trucked long distances or used for commercial pollination services. We harvest honey annually in late June immediately after the native Black Sage, or Salvia mellifera (literally "honey sage") is finished flowering. The USDA considers California Sage honey to be the very highest grade honey produced in the United States. Be sure to order before it runs out!


Our certified organic Meyer lemons are known up and down the Central California Coast. We primarily sell to local restaurants and markets on the Monterey Peninsula, however, if you would like to order lemons directly from us, please get in touch and we will be sure to get them to you!

Please call 831.624.2894 to check for availability


We custom mill salvaged redwood by hand to create stunning and durable home furnishings. 

Our pieces include dining room tables, coffee tables, outdoor picnic tables and benches, bars, mantle pieces and headboards. We do our best to showcase the original tree’s character in every piece we create.

All the wood we use has been salvaged from redwood trees that were cut down in the Big Sur forest near our homestead circa 1960. 


We grow over 50 varieties of drought-tolerant cut flowers including king, queen and pincushion protea, leucadendron and grevillea. We harvest year-round but peak pincushion harvest is in the spring (March-May) and the queens peak in the late Fall (October-December).

Please call 831.224.4442 to check for availability

Welcome to Country Flat Farm

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